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By ivanromanov, 11 years ago, In English

Today, with all international participants of the Bayan Programming contest finals arrived in Tehran, we have visited some places in Tehran. You can see on the following picture (from right to left, because this is how things are being read in Farsi): video-op making documentary about the contest, watashi, liympanda, anrieff, Egor, cerealguy, Sadegh with Dmitry_Egorov hiding behind him, kelvin and peter50216.

We started at Niavaran Cultural Historic Complex which has several palaces where Iranian Shahs (Kings) and their families used to live before the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

After visiting museums with impressionist arts from Shagal, Dali, Picasso, vehicle museum with Rollce-Royses, Palaces with persian carpets, mirror halls und even mountain skis of former palace owners, we went to the bazar in the northern part of Tehran. I hope to post more pictures as soon as possible, because Bazar is must-see: at least on photos or even better to experience it personally.

We had an impressive lunch after the sightseeing. Sitting on the rugs, we tasted bread with cream, olives in a sauce made from bean and fruits, rice and Bakhtiari-kebab made from large piece of beef covered with mix of chicked with eggs. Our café is situated right across the street from Shahid Beheshti University, recommended to us in the comments to my previous post.

Later, at the hotel, we met some of the Iranian participants of the contest. Some of them represent a Sharif University team, which will go to the ACM ICPC Finals in Saint-Petersburg in summer. You can see havaliza in the red t-shirt and I hope you'll help me to identify other Codeforces members in the comments.

As the contest starts in less than 7 hours, it's time to wish a good luck to all of the participants of a Bayan Programming contest 2013 finals: good luck!

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you can see also LGM in blue t-shirt near haas . Edit : I havent seen other boys but they are codeforces member .

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GL & HF to all participants!!!

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People in the last photo, from right to left: fab, havaliza, MJN, haas, LGM, aminlore

You can see Rmin's hand in the right.

mR.ilchi loved to be in this photo, but he missed it.