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We define some symmetries as if we read from right to left or vice versa, the same results were obtained. example: 121,78987, ... Some S have length k defined as supersymmetric numbers if the following conditions are satisfied: -S (1, k) is symmetrical -S (1, | k / 2 |) is symmetrical -S (k- | k / 2 | + 1, k) is symmetrical Here we define | x | is the largest integer that does not exceed x and S (a, b) is the number composed of a to b of S.. for example the numbers: 0.11,22322, ... are the super lie numbers. some close to supersymmetry (the first digit is always different from 0) is defined as if we could change the position of some numbers to make that number a supersymmetric number (note: after changing If the position is zero, it may still be considered the supersymmetric number) For example: 8404000 -> 040840 is some supersymmetric. Of course, some supersymmetry is some close to super lie Give 2 numbers l and r. Find out how many numbers are close to supersymmetry from l to r. with 1 <= l <= r <= 10e50000. Get the search results and get the remainder for 1e9 + 7. For example: l = 3111120 and r = 3111125. The result will be 2 (2 numbers near the supersymmetry are 3111122 and 3111123)

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please provide a link of your problem. your writing is hard to understand.