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Hey codeforces,

Today I am going to reveal a fraud that just happened in Codeforces Round #570 (Div. 3). It is concerning these two users YassineLoulou and frikhaa. I can clearly see that these two users have submitted the same code for today's problems A,B,C,D,E,G with minor changes to not be skipped by CF system. Below are links for both submissions on each one of the problems:

Problem A : YassineLoulou:56081987 , frikhaa:56081778

Problem B : YassineLoulou:56092064 , frikhaa:56086697

Problem C : YassineLoulou:56092280 , frikhaa:56092182

Problem D : YassineLoulou:56106581 , frikhaa:56097191

Problem E : YassineLoulou:56113156 , frikhaa:56107204

Problem G : YassineLoulou:56123335&56122560 , frikhaa:56112032

We are all aware of the sanctions that one could face because of the act of "cheating" in contests due to unprofessional-ism and dishonesty related to this behaviour. That's why I am requesting the Codeforces community and MikeMirzayanov to act upon this and remove such cheats from this site.

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