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audryshz's blog

By audryshz, 12 months ago, In English,

Hi everyone! I'm Audry, I'm soft dev and I sometimes write on this blog with a few friends.

After I solved my first problemset I decided to upload one problem :). I'm sure it's an easy one but might be fun to solve for the more beginners I hope! I found it here.

Anyway let's go to the point: -----------------

The Hawaiian Boat

The problem of the Hawaiian boat is a typical exercise of the kinematics of the composition of the perpendicular uniform rectilinear movements. The statement would be: __ A group of tourists is visiting Hawaii and planning to celebrate a party tonight. They need to cross the Kauai river on a side which is 8m wide to arrive on time for the event. The boat moves in a direction perpendicular to the shore with a constant speed of 3.5 m / seg. In parallel, the river water descends with a constant speed of 2m / seg. __ The Hawaiian luau will start at 8pm and they started crossing at 7pm.


At what point would the boat disembark? At what angle should you leave the boat to get to the point in front of it? What would be your total speed then?

Last, but not least, how long would it take them to cross, will they arrive on time for the Luau?

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