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By terraformer, history, 10 months ago, In English,

Today, I want to introduce my IDE specialized in programming contest.

online-judge-tools and Qt browser are combined with this IDE, so you can do whole contest task with minimal operations.

Screen shot

Main feature

Contest Task Automation

In browser widget, you can login to contest and if you access the contest problem page, input and output example of the problem is downloaded automatically in the background.

If you want to test your code, you only have to click test button. The test result will be displayed in bottom console widget. (See screen shot.)

Debugging with testcases and submitting are also enable with one click.


Since this project is optimized on programming contest only, the functions supported by a general IDE those unnecessary for the programming contest are omitted.

For example, this IDE supports one file project only. You don't have to write makefile or other build configuration.


This IDE is written by Python and this is smaller project than other IDE, customizing for yourself is easy.

Supported OS:

Currently, Linux only.

Supported Language:

Currently, Rust / C++ / Python is supported.

Supported Contest:

Depends on online-judge-tools. Codeforces, AtCoder, HackerRank, CS Academy, etc.

Installation and detail is here.


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