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Hello again!

ATMOS CodeDash '19 has ended and here are the winners:

1st Prize — _shanky (CodeChef Handle: bhavy_jain) ((IIT BHU — Varanasi)
2nd Prize — Jeel_Vaishnav (CodeChef Handle: jeel_vaishnav) (Nirma University)
3rd Prize — cerberus97 (CodeChef Handle: c1_6) (IIIT Delhi)

Full standings can be seen here

Congratulations to all the winners! We will reach out to you via mail.

I hope everyone enjoyed the problemset! We would love feedback on the problemset to improve the event next year. So feel free to comment below.

See you next year!


Thanks to cerberus97 , we found a minor bug in the test cases of the problem CHTIME. To fix this, we removed all cases which had created a discrepancy and manually rejudged all submissions to the problem. In addition to the original 4 contestants, 3 more contestants — c1_6, spellstaker and spar5g have passed CHTIME.

By recalculation of time penalties, cerberus97 has now moved up to the 3rd spot.

We are very sorry for this mistake. We will make sure this won't happen in our future contests.

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