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By ivanromanov, 11 years ago, In English

Recently an updated version of the the ACM ICPC World Finals has been published. First Finals in Russia will take place June 30 — July 4, 2013 in St. Petersburg. I have sketched a map of the most important places of the event: hotels, contest site, opening ceremony, etc.

2013 ACM ICPC map

UPD. Three hotels (Astoria, Angleterre and Renaissance) are located right next to the famous Saint Isaac's Cathedral. Two other hotels are a bit further away: Petro Palace and Domina Prestige. Manége, also facing the Saint Isaac's Square, will host IBM Techtrack and dinner, UPE Dinner, and will serve as a meeting point to board the buses for transportation to other sites.

The Opening ceremony should take place in the Аlexandrinsky Theatre, right next to Anichkov Palace, which is well-known to programmers for hosting NEERC for many years till 2010, as well as numerous other competitions. For example, besides NEERC I participated there in ROI and Russian school team olympiad.

The World Finals 2013 will be performed in the Main Arena of Yubileyny Sports Palace. I want to emphasize the word "Sports", bc what we are doing here is a sport programming.

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And the local site of ACM ICPC 2013 is launched: http://icpc2013.ru

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Astoria and Angleterre are not the only hotels, which are used.

Also, we use Renaissance, Petro Palace and Domina, all of which are located next to the Saint Isaac's Square.