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I'm looking for a training camp covering competitive programming this summer. Those that I've seen so far seem to be invite-only (i.e. USACO training camp and Petrozavodsk training camp), or taught in a language other than english.

So I was just wondering if anyone here knows of any such summer camp that is open for all and taught in english. I don't care where in the world it is held.

Also, does anyone know if Petrozavodsk training camp is taught in english or not? And it seemed to me that it was invite-only, but am I wrong?

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I can answer about Petrozavodsk:

  1. Problems are in English only, same goes for testing system interface and clarifications
  2. Editorials are mainly taught in Russian, but English version can be offered too.
  3. I think, almost every participant and jury member speaks English, so you can always ask them if you have any troubles.
  4. You can also ask Warsaw University's team (tomasz.kociumaka, marcina007, maciejk) — they attended last winter camp and ranked 4th.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Is the camp open for anyone? Can I, an enthusiastic university student from Iceland, fly out to Russia and take part? Do I maybe need to have a team?

    And when is it being held this year? I can see that the summer camp was held from August 24th to September 3rd last year.

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      I have no idea. I think that it isn't, but may be it's just matter of finance. You'd better ask snarknews for details (he is also available via [email protected] ).

      I know that vepifanov participates alone for a couple of years. This winter he was ranked 8th.

      Well, I want to know answer for this question too :) It usually starts around August 25 and lasts for 11 days (3 blocks of 3 contest days with 2 holidays)