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By CodeSherlock, history, 5 weeks ago, In English,

Hello everyone !!! Hope you are doing well...

I am new to graphs. While solving some problems with some basic problems related to traversals, depths etc, I found that the compilers both in my PC as well as Codeforces throws an error in most of the times when I use the visited or depth vector instead of a simple array. [ "vector visited(n)" instead of int visited[n] ] even though the logic is absolutely right...I get "Out of Bounds !!!" error.

On solving 115A - Party, My two solutions gave the same errors on Test case 30 & 31. 81687022 & 81687992

Well I simply changed the Vector to Array and bang...Accepted !!! 81688553

Can you please help ???

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vector<bool> visited(10000,false);
dont use n for vector size as its zero initially