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By Gagandeep98, history, 5 weeks ago, In English,

It is becoming very common that I am failing some of the test cases of CSES problems. I am getting WA on 3 out of 17 test cases. I am unable to figure out what is wrong in my approach.


Step 1: Apply BFS for all monsters. Store in dist array, dist[i][j], shortest time among all monsters to reach, coordinate (i, j).

Step 2: Apply BFS for A. Store in d array, shortest time from A to coordinate (i, j). It is only possible to reach that coordinate if d[i][j] < dist[i][j]. Check if we have reached the border.

Step 3: Backtrack to generate the path.


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update the size of dist and d matrix to 1001 as the constraints are n<=1000 and m<=1000.