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By Bittar, history, 5 weeks ago, In English,

I posted the article on my blog then I removed it. I surprised that my contribution was decreased.

My question is how can I increase it?

and what does the contribution mean??

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if you give satisfy answers to people's questions on blogs or comments and if that person and other people like your answer and they think it descriptive, I'm sure they will upvote and your contribution increases accordingly :))

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Upvotes to your blog posts and your comments increase your contribution, downvotes decrease it. Blog upvotes/downvotes have much higher weight, so one bad blog post can drop the contribution significantly. This tends to happen especially with the blogs written by unrated users or blogs with meaningless content or when people post their WA codes and ask others to find a mistake etc.

Not sure about the exact formula, but it is somewhat logarithmical in respect to your balance of upvotes/downvotes. Also, the older comments/blogs contribute less, so even if you get very high/low contribution once, it will gradually get close to 0 in a couple of years.

Also, if you delete the blog post, its part of your contribution remains. So deleting a blog with many downvotes will only stop it from getting more downvotes, but not restore the contribution.

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easiest way to increase your promotion on cf is to post memes xD

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  1. Get a sexy DP on your profile.
  2. Comment on every damn post.
  3. Ignore DMs from random desperate dudes.