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TLDR: Stream at this time! See you there!

Hi everyone! I very recently reached 1<<12 subscribers on Youtube! To celebrate, I'm going to be doing my first ever livestream! I'll be on Youtube only this time (maybe I'll do both youtube and twitch later if there's demand for it). The stream will include looking at and trying to solve Code Jam Finals problems, which will be going on at the same time. In general, live-streaming participation in a contest is considered cheating and is very bad. Do not do this for any public contests!

To be careful not to leak solutions or anything:

  1. I will significantly delay my start of the round.
  2. I will spend the beginning of the contest (where my participation overlaps with the real thing) reading all problems instead of solving.
  3. I will not explain solution ideas of any problems until the round is over.

That way, this isn't any more revealing than the ICPC NAC Livestreams which present solution sketches to easy and medium problems on the stream and expect the small number of participants to be honorable. Besides, if a finalist actually wanted to be a bad sport, there are much better ways than trying to get some tiny amount of info from me. (I won't give ideas here, but I'm sure you can think of some)

Cool, hopefully I'm morally redeemed! I'll also be doing some other stuff, unrelated to Code-jam, like upsolving problems from the Div2, answering random questions if people have them, and maybe even setting up some stuff for a super-cool open source project that I know Codeforces will be hyped about!

I'll start streaming at whatever this time is for you on my Youtube channel SecondThread. Hope to see some of you there!

Update: Tech check went well, see everyone soon!

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5:30 AM stream for you! Talk about dedication :)

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I am really excited for this !! Thanks SecondThread

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Fond of your streams

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Thanks for checking out the stream everyone! Congrats to tourist for winning after the scoreboard reveal on Google's live stream, and special thanks to Geothermal and tmwilliamlin168 for the guest appearances!

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upload the stream video too