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SPbSU 4 team is up for preview today. This is team’s second season in this line up, although it was not eligible for ACM ICPC last season as Egor Suvorov was still a high school student.

This team is the only team participating in World Finals that finished ahead of NRU ITMO in this year team competition — they won OpenCup GP of Ukraine. They finished 3rd overall in 13th season, while previous 2 seasons they finished 9th and 2nd (3 points ahead of NRU ITMO). During this seasons they won 3 stages and finished second and third once. In last NEERC they finished 4th (with 4 tasks passed during last hour) despite the fact that they were second one minute before end.

Personal achievements are splendid as well:

Egor Suvorov — Codeforces raintg 2607, TopCoder rating 2895, Facebook Hacker Cup 2013 finalist, VK Cup 2012 finalist, Silver (2011) and Gold (2012) medalist in IOI

Pavel Kunyavskiy — Codeforces rating 2564, TopCoder rating 3019, Google Code Jam 2013 finalist, Gold medal (3rd overall place) in IOI 2011

Dmitry Egorov — Codeforces rating 2397, TopCoder rating 2773, TopCoder Open 2012 Wild Card Round participant, Silver medal in both IOI and IMO 2011

Overall I think this is one of a few teams that have chance to win World Finals. At the same time I think consistency is not one of their strengths, hence I think they have 50% chance to win gold.

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Very young team! I think a lot victories are waiting for them. Good luck at FW!