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I have been doing competitive programming for 5 months now and started with codeforces a couple of months ago. I have been practicing questions from UVA Online Judge which consists of the questions from the book Competitive programming 3 bye Steven Halim. But the format of those questions are not like that in codeforces or codechef, they are a bit different and sometimes a lot confusing too and I don't have any access to editorials, so its a little difficult to follow that, I have also recently learned about CSES problem set.I wanted to know which is better, should I switch to CSES? How are the questions of CSES?

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For standards and beginner-friendly problems, you should go CSES. You will grow when you learn and to learn you need editorials and others solutions for this Codeforces is perfect. So my advice will be to go for CSES and Codeforces.