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Understanding Poor Bad English Learner

  • I'm a typical Poor English Learner , and now I want to speak out my experience and hope you can understand us.
  • In this global webside, there are many poeple with different language, but we need to make it unity, so we must use English or Russian,but someone like me is not good at it, some words from us is may provocative or negative so it's a problem for us.
  • I came Codeforces just 5 month ago, and I think this comunity are not friendly for English beginners.
  1. When you said: pleeeeease! or yessir! we are thinking about: "eeeeee" and "ss",so if you want to share some ideas please use offical words(the full spelling), thanks~
  2. Not good at speaking make us feel bored, because we can't let others get our meaning well, and people attack on my "negative" word, then we won't send anything more. This's not good for open comunity surroundings,so if you see someone provocative, think twice when you reply。
  3. If we can't read the messages well we may think he is provocative, we will call his name maybe, remind us please. I hope we can keep this webside prositive always, if you have something to say, speak out below thanks.
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