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I'd like to share with you the link, that I saw on twitter: http://suffixtree.org/

For those, who don't follow links: The initial material of Forty Years of Text Indexing, shown below, is from the original of an invited contribution to CPM 2013, the 24th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching, Bad Herrenalb, Germany June 17-19. See CPM 2013, for additional information.

All of the papers presented at CPM 2013 can be found at SpringerLink.

For information about the special session at CMP 2013, organized by Martin Farach-Colton and S. Muthukrishnan, celebrating the invention of the Suffix Tree by Peter G Weiner in 1973, see 1973+40=2013.

Six videos of the presentations at 1973+40=2013 by Martin Colton-Farach, Peter G Weiner, Vaughan R Pratt, Edward M McCreight, and Jacob Ziv, together with a concluding Panel Session, can be viewed on Vimeo at 1973+40=2013 Videos.

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