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I've recently participated in Code Jam to I/O for Women 2021 (does this link work?) and found a bug in the third problem, "Introductions Organization". At least I think so.

Here is what statement says:


Yet in test data (available to download in Analysis section) P exceeds 100 in some test cases (but doesn't exceed 1000).

I don't think it affected many contestants, I mean, who uses fixed-sized arrays in 2021? But I did, and my solution crashed. Changing that array size from 100 to 1000 gets the problem solved in practice mode.

The only way to ask a question I found was by writing an e-mail, I did so, only to get a "No comments" reply more then a day after ("Unfortunately we cannot provide help in solving problems, even after the contest is over, and that includes interpreting statements. I can assure you the problem is correct as written.")

Is there a bug? If it's really a bug, what can I do to get the problem rejudged?


Thanks to everyone involved :) They fixed it with the following text in round overview:

Unfortunately, there was an incorrect limit in the Hidden test set of Introductions Organization, which we discovered only after the Hidden results were already revealed. The test data was corrected to match the statement that was displayed during the round. All affected solutions have been re-judged and points have been updated accordingly. As a result, ranks may change slightly from what was previously displayed. We apologize for the confusion.

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Maybe tag/message the problem setter of the contest or someone who sets problems for other google coding competitions(can be found through cf blogs). They might be able to help.

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    Thanks! Something like that worked, it's rejudged now.

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