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Hi Coders,

Many of us are currently doing the #30DaysOfCode or even #100DaysOfCode challenge. And its a little hard to keep track of all the things we have done so far whether it be development or competitive/interview type problem solving. Straight to the point I have made a Discord BOT, which makes it easier to log your daily achievements.

The functionalities it offers are:

  • add your daily activities with single command.

  • automatic calculation of current and longest streak so far.

  • Privacy options to hide your Logs from other users.

  • Lists all your logs and even check your profile, with time stamp of your first day.

  • can also check other persons profile and logs.

  • can also work in DM channel.

  • and many more features you will love.

Now THIS is the link to add this bot to your own server and start logging. Also, I would love to have feedback!!

Want to make contributions? Repo you can check, create PR, or add any suggestions.

If you only want to log in DM channel use its ID- Logger#3947 and start updating your logs!

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