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By honest_critic, 5 weeks ago, In English

I was trying to search for Range queries problems for practice and I found that CF problemset doesn't have "Range Query" tag.

Problemset has tags like:

  • schedules — It has just 5 problems
  • chinese remainder theorem — It has 12 problems

And few others which are too specific or rare like meet in middle, expression parsing.

I don't understand why these topics have tag but range query doesn't. Is there any specific reason behind it?

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Now, I think range query was missed to be added in tags. I request MikeMirzayanov to add Range query tag in Problemset. I know it is almost impossible to add tag this to every range query problem currently in problemset(as currently problemset is very big) but this can be done slowly. If we don't start today then in future, problemset will become more big. Atleast we can start by adding range query tag to upcoming range query problems.

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Yes, "Range Query" tag should be added.
Also, I think, these tags should be added irrespective of their parent tag to search/categorise problems easily ---

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I fully agree, I had a hard time digging range queries problem when I was practicing.