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Yes. I'm making one of these blogs. But this one is (hopefully) different from the other ones.

As sus said in this comment, it would be useful if there was a "Report User" function, which could report them in private without having to make a cheating blog and let everyone else see it and cheat off of it.

And as misra_ji said in this comment, if there was a way to attach proof like screenshots or links, that would be very helpful to whoever is checking the reported users.

And one more idea (from me): Maybe there could be a way to report someone that you don't know the handle of, like if someone is cheating by sending the actual code, either a screenshot or copy-pasting it, not through a Youtube stream. So you could send the evidence and someone higher up could try and find out who it is that is breaking the rules, as especially if it's during a contest, it's not viable for a user who stumbles upon it to look through every solution and see if it matches.

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