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Hii coders. This is my first blog, so sorry for any inconvenience if you face.
I found some thing strange in leaderboard of recent div3. I was looking solution of div3's question, in this it is showing TuNormie04 as rank1(official participant) by this link but when i opened his profile and in his profile section it is showing him as rank2 and to look this I open again same standing page via his profile link and then its showing Average_Div3_Enjoyer as rank1(official participant).
How this possible that rank1 changed just visiting same page via different path? please some one tell me reason behind this.

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there is a difference between the two rank lists. Average_Div3_Enjoyer is not a trusted participant as OP has not given two rated contests. Therefore, OP is not in the trusted participant rank list and is in the first one. Read the rules for being in the rank list in the announcement for DIV 3, it will be more clear to you. Hope it helps.