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I recently started a new series of courses at Udemy [Mastering critical SKILLS] series. The core value of this series is focusing on gaining skills through extensive practice NOT just knowledge like most of the free materials. So far I have finished C++17 and Python courses.

The new course is a C++ Data Structures course covering basic to advanced topics. [Coupons].

About Udemy:

  • Don't get cheated by the default $150+ price. Udemy is usually on sale on weekly basis for $10-15. My coupons are active anyway
  • Within 30 days you can ask for refund for whatever reason (read policy). Feel free to try.

Why paying if there are a lot of free materials?

  • My explanations are short and to the point in a practical way
  • Extensive practice from easy to hard. You can find hundreds of (redundant) problems on the internet. The course again saves your time by being very selective.
  • After the course, one should have smooth entry to the Algorithms course.
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