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this is going to be a quick tutorial on binary search.

binary search is basically searching a number in O(logn).idk why someone make an algorithm just for searching a number lmao. for easy problems u can use lower_bound and upper_bound or just use binary search function so ez.harder problems require u to make some modifications on binary search so be sure to save the code in ur template so u can beat those cocky gm that tells u to google everything in solving speed.

binary search is kinda useless in higher leagues since nowadays its all about mathforces.

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It's not just an algorithm for searching a number. In a more generalized form, you can have a function (either normal or lambda) with a boolean return value. And then do binary search to find when this function flips from false to true. This can be implemented in a simple, efficient and reliable way using only standard library functionality in many modern programming languages. What kind of modifications for harder problems are you talking about? Got an example?

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I am really curious to know what the community feels about something like "banning users who have gone below a certain number of contribution points from posting."

How would this work? How would that person learn from their errors and gain contribution back? Maybe a timed (temporary ban)?