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By Ritwin, 3 years ago, In English

Hello Codeforces!

I've noticed that in the Edu Section, we cannot order submissions by things like execution or submission time, which we can in the problemset as well as the Gym. This is a feature I really like.

I would like to be able to see the fastest submission, for example, because I want to know which implementation is the fastest. For example, in DSU Part 2 A, there are two different implementations that both work. My submission takes 92ms, but I might want to see which one the fastest method uses, without manually going through each of the 13 pages and manually checking to find the minimum time.

In the problemset and Gym, you can specify that the solutions should be sorted through a button at the bottom, but it also adds ?order=BY_ARRIVED_ASC to the end of the URL (which I believe is what actually tells codeforces that you want it sorted). I tried adding that suffix to the submissions of the edu problem above to get this link. However, when I load that page, it only shows my own submissions, which leads me to believe it has been disabled somehow.

I don't know how the Codeforces backend is implemented, so I don't know how easy or hard this will be. If there is some reason for not allowing this sorting that I'm not aware of, please reply. But if there isn't, I will appreciate this being added.

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