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By qscfthmko147, history, 3 months ago, In Russian

Today was Technocup Elimination round where task D was interactive. I wrote my solution and tested it locally, and it was perfectly working, but because of some reason I've got TLE in test 1 (i checked, it is sample test). I did some researches trying to investigate why I am getting TLE but I found nothing — i completely don't understand the reason of TLE and i hope someone who knows why can help me to understand where is my mistake. Sorry for my bad English.

This is my first submission — 132252489, and I think this is most correct solution among all my submissions (at least not worse than any other I did).

Thank you for reading and helping.

UPD: sorry for late updating, but the problem is fixed. I was getting TL 1 because statements allow ask only numbers from 1 to n, but i asked n+1, and for some reason it's TL, not WA.

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