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To avoid retaliation, I am posting from an alt.

Recently, in the VNOI group there is a post exposing cheaters in an onsite provincial contest in Lam Dong. The contest used this problem on Codeforces. The problem was not translated into Vietnamese correctly and it was impossibly hard. https://imgur.com/COnGYrm

However, cheaters still managed to copy rng_58's code and change some variable names. The changed names were ridiculous. You can see the plagiarized solutions here:

This calls into question the integrity of provincial contests in Vietnam. I think contest problems must be original and proctoring must be strict, otherwise competitive programming won't be taken seriously in Vietnam ever again.


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In fact, humans never had integrity.

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yet another cheaters expose blog

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Note to you all who are about to downvote: This is NOT your normal cheating blogs on Codeforces, this is a suspected case of organized cheating (that might as well involve some officials), at an official OI, not just another contest on the internet.

The result of this OI then leads to Lam Dong's VOI (Vietnamese OI) team, then Vietnam's APIO and IOI teams as well (although pretty unlikely, judging from previous competitions).

I don't really know anything else, since I don't live in that area. However, what I surely know is that this is really serious (since in some ways it can affect our national OI and higher level OIs).