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Through this blog I want to know about how to practise in the codechef.I know how to practise in codeforces,like by setting the difficulties and tags,targeting a particular rating like 1400-1500 and various extensions are there for keeping the track of the practice.

I know that codechef is unpopular due to cheating but we cant deny the fact that they also have very good questions.

In short I want to know how to get started with Codechef?

Request : If you dont know/dont want,just ignore but dont downvote.

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Do old problems especially from 2014-17. Those have really nice problems

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Best Way To Practice For Beginners (According to Me) is-:

1-For First timers,solve first two problems of recent contests,especially Starters.

2-If you have solved a bunch of those problems or are finding them too easy,then move to 3rd and/or 4th Problem of Div 3. Difficulty of 3rd/4th problem differs in different type of contests. So follow this order for 3rd & 4th Problems (Easy to Hard) Starters<<Lunchtime<<Long_Challenge<<Cook-Off.

If you are able to solve 3rd & 4th Problem within a contest, without penalties you might've become a stable 3* coder by now.

After this learning new topics(Binary Search,Prefix Sum,DP,Graphs) becomes more important because you've already done good level of basic problem solving.

NOTE:-Practice Section can also be used to solve problems according to tags & difficulty, but on Codechef difficulty level of problems is pretty vague so most people avoid this method.