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By CodingKnight, 5 months ago, In English

Dear Codefoces Community,

I am writing this blog after reading several blogs in this website about events of unfair practices during recent Codeforces contests. I have been fortunate to read a long time ago the following Fairness Charter prepared by the International Fair Play Committee to promote fair practices during sports activities and to keep the spirit of real championship alive.

Fair Play Charter

I would like to encourage those who have been involved in unfairness acts during the recent contests to read this inspiring Charter carefully, and to strive for abandoning anything which tells them that there is any real gain in unfairness. Let me remind you kindly that there is no real happiness in scoring an offside goal in sports like soccer, even if this unfair goal leads your team to win the world cup.

Please do your best to be patient enough to compete fairly with your fellows, and to use the competitive programming contest event as a good opportunity for improving your skills in problem solving and in computer programming, and as a good opportunity for learning from your fellows and for sharing your experience with them before and after the contest if you are participating in a contest as an individual contestant, not as a team member.

Finally, be sure that real happiness in the pleasant events organized by Codeforces known as competitive programming contests is to solve problems not only as fast as possible, but fairly as well. This can be true for all participants only through your understanding, patience, fruitful cooperation and commitment to fair competition.

Best wishes.

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