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By fahadhossainbabor2103114, history, 7 weeks ago, In English

Hi there, I tried cp couple of times. Every time I failed and gave up. I don't know where is the issue. I open a random problem and try to solve it. I usually give a shot for 20-30 mins. Some times I came up with a brute force approach and submit the problem. Usually it fails. Then i took the help of chatgpt.

USACO guide is a good resource ig. Should I solve problem topic wise? or randomly solve it? How I can i improve my cp skills?

Thanks in advance.

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By fahadhossainbabor2103114, history, 6 months ago, In English

Hello everyone,

I am just beginning my journey in Competitive Programming (CP) and have already acquired the fundamentals of C++. Now, I am eager to build a successful CP career. Although I have started solving problems with an 800 rating, I often struggle to solve many problems during contests. I am uncertain about the best path to follow and how to improve. Could you please provide me with some guidance, recommend essential topics to cover, and help me kickstart my CP career?

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