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Hello Codeforces Community, I hope you are all doing well.

While practicing problems I needed a way to only see the problem rating/difficulty without seeing all the tags related to the problem. This was a good way for me to stick to a particular problem range while practicing.

So I developed an extension which does the same. It shows you the problem rating on every problem once you install it. But if you are stuck on any problem then you can also click on the Show All Tags button to show all the tags associated with the problem. Moreover there is a shortcut to directly access the Contest Standings.

[ Chrome Web Store | Firefox Addons Store | Github ]

Original Credits to namig17333 who initially made it and mentioned it in this blog. But it was not updated and was showing deprecation warnings, additionally it was not available on the Chrome Web Store. So I decided to make my own from scratch and publish it.

The extension is completely Ad-free and Open Source so it is just for the community. I hope you like it!

[ Chrome Web Store | Firefox Addons Store | Github ]

Any feedback or suggestion is welcome.

NOTE : The extension is dependent on Codeforces API so it won't work if the API is down or Codeforces hasn't published the rating for that particular problem.

UPDATE 1 : Added support for Firefox Browsers.

UPDATE 2 : Added feature to directly visit Contest Standings from the problem page itself.

UPDATE 3 : Added a button to see all the other tags associated with the problem.

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