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Hi, I'm Isaac. I have been in competitive programming for 1 year, this year we went to the first regional and I want to prepare the next regional, during the course it is complicated to do a lot, some problems, some algorithms, etc. But now comes summer and you have much more free time and you can do intensive training to prepare the regional or any other competition.

I wanted to see what recommendations you give the ones that you have more time in this, for an intensive training of about 3 months because in September the course begins and it will not be so intensive. My idea was to finish reading and do all the exercises of Competitive Programming 3. I also added to my drive the sheet of mostafa.saad.fci to have a problem guide. Thanks mostafa.saad.fci. But I think maybe doing all the problems of the book delays, since there are many more ideas and do a lot of exercises on an exact subject can delay. I also plan to do as many contests as are here, which really are the "exams" to see how it was.

What recommendations could you give me? What possible schedule would you have?

I hope it serves people who also want to prepare any competition or simply improve.

Thank you very much.


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