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By josephl., 15 months ago, In English

Hey all!

As one who has passion in competitive programming, I would like to ask you guys about certain topic.

As we all know, this world of programming has different "fields", e.g.

  • Web Development

  • Software Development

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Cybersecurity

and many more...

(By excelling in these, one for instance can become a software engineer in Google, or an AI developer in another huge company.)

But, I'm wondering if CP is really that important for one to get these spectacular jobs?

Yep, it's really fun and exciting to have your submission ACCEPTED, that amount of joy, is simply inexpressible, especially after hours of thinking and thinking, (and I personally love that kind of feeling too)!

However, I wonder if CP is really beneficial for one's "career"? Like, should one just focus on competitive programming or have to focus other areas as well? I mean, if one who's really strong in CP, but doesn't really as strong in software developing, will his/her CP experiences aid him/her in getting a job, possibly at FAANG?

What do you guys think? I hope to get some invaluable opinions from you guys!

If I do have any misconception, feel free to correct me.. (Btw, this is the my first time of writing a blog, pls excuse me from some amateur mistakes.)

Thanks in advance guys!

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