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Hi everyone, please don't judge me on basis of rating on my this account. It is my alternative account to freely ask query/doubts related to CP (without fear of downvoting). In every div2 contest I am able to 4 problems normally. I have been doing CP since 6 months on codeforces but I rarely find Algorithms based problems in Div2 contests. First 3 problems are usually greedy/constructive or some observation based. 4th problem is usually on graphs/dp or some logic based. Rest of the problems sometime require algorithms but most the time they are constructive/dp/greedy problems. At max, bfs/dfs and some basic graph algorithms based problems are there. I am not pointing that their is issue with current problems types. These problems really help in problem solving but these kinds of problems fails to test algorithmic skills of participants.

I want to see more algorithmic problems in Div2. If it is not possible to change current problems format in Div2, MikeMirzayanov may can bring up a new contest series whose problems will be more oriented towards algorithmic skills. This thing can help to bring more variations in CF contests and problemset.

I know this issue have been raised few times ago and was rejected by saying that Div1 contains more algorithmic problems and if anyone wants algorithmic problems then he/she should reach div1. But I think it is not justified to keep algorithmic problems to Div1 only. I know it's difficult to make new algorithm based problems for each contest but I think it is needed to bring algorithmic skills into back into CF specially for Div2 contestants. I only want to say that CF is best ever platform which conducts frequent contests (smoothly) without compromising with problems quality but thing is that I thinks CF lacks algorithmic problems for DIV2.

Meanwhile Can anyone recommend me platform which conducts frequent contests which are more algorithm based.

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