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By kdrkdr, 17 months ago, In English

On the recent round 750 (div. 2), I originally got placed around 400th place solving ABCDF1, and have passed all systest. However, I then got a message from a friend saying that my submissions have been skipped. Logging onto CF, I was greeted with this message


I was very surprised at first. However, after checking our code, it did turn out to be very similar in term of solution. While this may be very suspicious, this could very well happen on complete accident. In my case, I claim it was complete coincidence, as the solution to the problem was very simple and short.

I then appealed on the aforementioned blog attached within the message. Nothing came back. Not even a verdict. Now at this point I was quite angry, because I would not think this is how a platform would want to treat its users, even if I was not legit.

Looking around my comment entry, I realized there was a few other people who have also been wrongly flagged. for example, this guy who is right under me in the comment section of the blog.

Such neglect really demotivates the minority who have been unfortunately flagged by the Codeforces anti-cheat. While there are no perfect solution to this problem, I think the staff of Codeforces or whoever is in power should at least quickly go through some of the appeals, especially people who have solved a decent amount of problem during that contest / have decent performance, so that their effort doesn't go in vain, or at least give a closure to them.

Whatever happens, I am going to continue to do codeforces problems and contests, but I am very bummed out by this.


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