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Calling all Codeforces enthusiasts! If you're looking to supercharge your competitive programming skills while keeping your practice consistent, CFStreak is your new best friend.

How to Get Started:

  1. Effortless Installation: Get CFStreak with a single click. Install CFStreak

  2. Daily Challenge: CFStreak surprises you daily with a fresh Codeforces problem. No login required – it's that straightforward!

  3. Three Levels of Challenge: Choose from three levels of questions – Easy, Medium, or Hard – based on their ratings. Maintain your streak by solving any/all of these challenges! Easy — (rating <= 1600), Medium — (1600 < rating <= 2200), Hard — (rating > 2200)

Why CFStreak?

  • Consistency Wins: Regular practice is the key to success, and CFStreak makes it a breeze.

  • Diverse Challenges: CFStreak pulls problems from real Codeforces contests, offering a variety of challenges to tackle every day.

  • Friendly Challenges: Challenge your Codeforces buddies to see who can maintain the longest streak. It's a fun and competitive journey to improvement!

More Features Coming soon

Ready to take your Codeforces journey to the next level? Install CFStreak now and get your daily dose of coding excitement!

Get CFStreak and code your way to the top!

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