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The year is 2021. Like every year, contestants from all of the baltic countries meet for the Baltic Olympiad in Informatics. Well, not entirely... One small virus still holds the entire world under its spell. And life is not easy for BOI contestants who have to participate remotely from their own homes...

This weekend, the Baltic Olympiad in Informatics 2021 (BOI 2021) is going to take place! BOI is a programming contest for secondary school students from countries around or close to the Baltic sea. This year, around 60 contestants from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden and our guest countries Israel and Ukraine will compete against each other, solving difficult problems of algorithmic nature. Each participating country sends 6 contestants from their national olympiads which take place in the months beforehand.

The contest consists of two days, Saturday and Sunday, on each of which the contestants have 5 hours to solve 3 problems of varying difficulty. Each problem is worth 100 points that are distributed into multiple subtasks with different constraints that allow the participants to earn partial scores. During the contest, each participant receives the verdict of the execution of his/her solutions on all tests.

BOI 2021 was planned to be hosted in the beautiful city of Lübeck, a historical German town on the Baltic Sea, member of the „Hanse“ trade union of cities. Now, due to the Corona pandemic, BOI is run for the second year in a row as a virtual event only with contestants participating from their own countries in a proctored online setting. Next year, BOI 2022 is hopefully really going to take place in Lübeck. For more information about the contest, visit the official website at

Furthermore, if you want to experience the struggle of a BOI contestant for a medal firsthand, we are happy to invite you to participate in an online mirror of BOI 2021! The online mirror will be held on Saturday, April 24, 2020 at 14:00 UTC and Sunday, April 25, 2020 at 14:00 UTC, the same days as the official contest, but with 6 hours delay. The mirror will be held on CMS which is also used for the official contest. To register for the online mirror, visit You need to register there, before participating.

We wish everyone and in particular all BOI contestants an enjoyable contest despite these challenging circumstances!

-- BOI 2021 committee

Update: The first contest is over! You can find the results of the intense competition on the scoreboard here.

Update: We hope that all participants in the online mirror enjoyed the problems! Standings can be found here. And don't miss the mirror of the second day tomorrow if you want to know how the story about the BOI participant who turned art thief continues...

Update: And that's it! The official contest of the second day is over, too. Congratulations to all participants on their performances! We hope that everyone enjoyed the problems. The combined ranking of both days can be found on the same scoreboard as before. (And of course, the mirror of day 2 will start in less than an hour...)

Final Update: After the committee took a small break to catch up on the sleep missed over the last weekend, we finally got around to update the official website with all the information that was still missing. Firstly, we have added the official results of this year's BOI. Congratulations again to all the medalists and in particular to the overall winner of BOI 2021, almogwald! Also, you can now find all the tasks on the website, including spoilers and test data.

Finally, we were really impressed to see the strong competition in this year's contest. While not being able to meet anyone in person, we hope that we will see some of participants again next year in Lübeck. Until then: Auf Wiedersehen!

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