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By manpreet.singh, 3 years ago, In English

Hi guys, hope all are doing well. Thanks all the guys who are taking their precious time to read this, hope you will learn something new. From somedays I had a thought about something due to which I had sleepless nights also I talked with many experienced coders (I don't want to tag them as I don't like wasting others time) and asked them about the same and they were also confused and told me that this is a serious thing and we should discuss it with the whole community.

As I knew codeforces community is great and strong so I thought of posting it here. I hope some of you are able to present your opinions on this topic. So the doubt is we all do competitive programming for one or another reason, some do for placements, some for fun, etc and all us together forms a community and everyone has some goal for example one wants to become candidate master, one wants to become master, one wants to become expert and all and each one of us grind on problems and practice problems everyday and getting an AC on a problem is a great feeling, we all know that but the question is how to become ceo of google. Thanks for reading guys, hope you learnt something new and thanks for maintaining a strong community here. Waiting for all the answers I can get and remember we are stronger together.

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