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Some might have heard about Vision Hack, the competition held by NUST MISiS in September, 2017. This summer we are ready to announce the start of Ice Vision — a new competition on machine vision which is a part of the «Up Great» technological project.

The prize fund of the competition is 2 000 000 rubles.

The organizers of the competition include the Russian Venture Company and NUST MISiS. ACM MISIS provides a platform (visiontest.misis.ru) for the participants of Ice Vision.

The participants are asked to design an intelligence system for a drone which would allow to recognize road items (such as crossings or road signs) under the conditions of Russian winter.

Teams and individual participants between the ages of 14 and 30 are welcome to apply for participation. In the case of individual participation the missing team members will be assigned on the online-platform.

The qualifying (distant) stage of the competition will be held from May, 13 to June, 14. The best-performing teams will be invited to the final stage.

The final stage will be held from July, 13 to July, 15 in the House-Commune of NUST MISiS.

The details of the competition and the link to registration can be found on the competition site.

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The 5-th MISiS Programming Competition (2016-2017) has taken place some time ago. The competition was organized by National University of Science and Technology “MISiS” in conjunction with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Cognitive Technologies Corp. Participants were offered a set of 10 problems which they were solving during 5 hours. Only individual participants were admitted to the competition.

This problemset was also used during training camp for students "Hello Barcelona Programming Bootcamp", organized by MIPT.

The problems of the Final Round will be published on Codeforces Gym. The contest based on these problems will take place on Sunday, August 6, 12:00 MSK. We invite everyone to participate in this event.

Please follow http://codeforces.com/gyms to register for the contest.

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