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By munditva, history, 14 months ago, In English

Before anything else let me declare it loud :

EDU is a hit!

I am very grateful to pashka for translating all the lectures and providing a comprehensive series of educational tasks. Many thanks to MikeMirzayanov for the wonderful platform Codeforces which is hosting these lectures.

I have gone through all the lectures in the EDU section and completed almost all of the tasks (of both the currently available lessons). As such, I deem myself fit for offering my thoughts and proposing some changes to this wonderful program ;

1. Submissions should be made publicly visible.

The main objective of EDU is to help in learning various data structures and trying to implement your solutions for the various tasks available. In this respect, if the submissions under these are publicly visible participants would get to know other perspectives to the problem in hand.

2. Test cases which return WAs should be shown.

I have already opined this under the comments section of EDU, Copy-pasting the below text from there directly:

"Also, I wanted to add the point that test cases should also be visible. Trying to debug the code becomes a lot easier when I know the test cases I missed. Debugging WAs on random test cases deters me so much that at some point I leave the problem altogether.

pashka, I think it would be nice if at least the first test case which I don't pass is made visible to me (as it happens normally on Codeforces)"

3. Providing subtitles for the lectures.

I found that the option for subtitles was not present for some lectures.

I am a non-native English speaker. As such it becomes very hard for me at times to understand the accent in which the lecture is delivered. The lecturer does a great work at explaining the content but subtitles will be surely of great help.

4. Enabling uphacks.

Again, the demand for this was already made in the comments section of EDU and I am just restating it here. Going with the first point, uphacks are fun and so cool.

I would also request other participants of EDU to comment on features they want. I would surely add those points to the blog. Let us make EDU a superhit!

UPD: Almost all the suggestions made here have been implemented by the team at Codeforces. Thanks MikeMirzayanov.

Link to the official blog that announced those changes : Link

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By munditva, history, 14 months ago, In English

I was solving the problems under Edu section when I found that for this problem under Suffix Array lectures, my solution works fine for the second test case on VS Code.

But the same code gives runtime error on CF. I am also unable to decipher the diagnostic comment which came attached with my submission, On further inspection I found that for different versions of gcc compilers, my solution gave runtime error on different test cases.

I am completely perplexed and would be grateful if someone sheds some light on this behavior.

UPD1 : Attaching the error comment screenshot and removing link to my submission.

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