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Hello everyone, a while ago me and my friends arham_doshi,Preeyadarshee,suresh_upadhyay,Ashish, AmanGupta_ and many other decided to create a group for helping competitive programmers and solving their queries.

Everyone listed above is placed in top DSA focused companies like, google and many others have placement offers from various top tier companies, so you can also ask placement related queries, but we are mostly focused on cp related discussion, you can ask any tough questions as you want, in our group there are people with diverse expertise, so your query will be solved for sure. We do not allow live questions, but after contest discussion are fine. This Group is managed by me and our GreedyPi Team.

Edit: This is an active group with 1800+ members already, so it will stay active as we love to help people.

Hope, everyone will be benefited from the group. Do share the group link with your friends.

link to join the group: telegram link

We also have a youtube channel, where we make content more related to cp or tough interview questions from various companies.

link to channel: link

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