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It got delayed for 2 years because of Covid.

It got delayed for another half a year for war.

Now there's a flooding in Dubai which is getting flights cancelled left and right (including ours), even getting some teams stuck there.

So this World Finals is cursed.

Ok but honest opinion

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Hi everyone! I have been inspired by xiaowuc1 recent event to write this blog post. This list is very comprehensive, even though I do not keep detailed logs of problems I have written.

There are a few things you will notice after reading through these problems. In no particular order:

  1. All of these problems are "high-quality" — all of them have appeared on a CF round! This is not due to my skill in generating "high-quality" problems, but because I have set only one problem. You'll see that all of my problems are generated from observing real-life events and then constructing problems out of those scenarios. There are many ideas that have been proposed and thrown into the void because they were worse (rejected!). I think the only problem in this list is ok, but I am particularly proud of it!
  2. The difficulties on these problems generally lean 1900, and the problems almost always lean standard. I know for sure about the difficulty because there is only one problem, and that's what the CF problem rating tells. The problem itself is a standard technique, but it may be a good exercise for those slightly below that rating. So do try it!
  3. I like to embed random references into my problems. For my only problem, the reference is a puzzle game, which the problem is exactly the 1D version of that!
  4. As far as I remember, none of the problems I wrote have appeared in very similar forms before. Any such problems I am aware of are labeled as such. Please include more examples in the comments.
  5. I want to author more problems. But I'm not very good at making problems X(

This table was generated manually so I could write this blog post right after waking up (it's 6AM here right now). Again, I look forward to waking up to a lot of criticism.

# Date Problem Contest Comments
1 April 2019 Flood fill Codeforces Round 538 (Div. 2) Inspired by the game flood-it, the problem is a literal 1D version of it

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See current IOI ranking here

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I love Kattis even more

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