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1498A - GCD Sum

Video Editorial

Author and Problemsetting: ninja_28
Editorialist: sigma_g

Hint 2
Hint 3
Corner cases
C++ solution
Python solution

1498B - Box Fitting

Video Editorial

Author and Editorialist: sigma_g
Problemsetting: ninja_28

Hint 2
Solution summary
Solution implementation
Another implementation
Proof of correctness - brief
Proof of correctness - elaborate
Alternate implementation with easier proof
Does this solution work when block widths are not a power of two?
C++ solution
Python solution
C++ solution - multiset
C++ solution for easier proof

1498C - Planar Reflections

Video Editorial

Author, Problemsetter and Editorialist: sigma_g

Hint 1
Solution idea
Solution details
Implementation details
C++ solution
Python Iterative solution

1498D - Bananas in a Microwave

Video Editorial

Author: shash42
Problemsetting and Editorialist: sigma_g

Brute force solution
Optimizing the brute force: hint
Optimizing the brute force: hint 2
Optimizing the brute force: details
Optimized solution implementation
Common mistakes
C++ solution
Python solution

1498E - Two Houses

Author, Problemsetting and Editorialist: dixitgarg

Proof of unique topological sorting
C++ solution
Python solution

1498F - Christmas Game

Author: nikhil_c
Problemsetting and editorialist: sigma_g

How do we solve a standard Nim game on arrays?
How to solve tree nim game for one rooting if K = 1: classifying odd/even steps
How to solve tree nim game for one rooting if K = 1: how bad are even steps
Reducing tree nim game to linear array: the stair case nim
Extending to general K
Calculating the answer for all roots
C++ solution
Python solution

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By ninja_28, 22 months ago, In English

Hi all, I have written a script which will let us submit our code on Codeforces through the terminal with just a single command to run the script.

I developed this script because it seemed too boring to me to go to the specific folder each time and then choose the file to submit. This script can instead directly submit the code by only specifying the problem code and file name to submit!

I have written this script in Python using selenium, and tested it for Chrome on Linux.

Installation instructions here.

I hope it would be helpful to you.
I appreciate your feedback!
Thank you!

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