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Hello Codeforces users.

Today I would like to introduce Arugo, which is a website that provides virtual rating while practicing on problemset.

On this website, you can practice problems that are suggested through a suggestion system or by your custom choice. Each problem has a window of 80 minutes to solve and if you manage to solve it in time, please validate and you will earn virtual rating. However, if you gave up early or time runs out, you will lose rating eventually. Rating progress will be displayed at the homepage through a graph like in Codeforces and through it, you can visualize your progress and stay motivated to keep going.

Rating progress preview
Challenge preview

This site is inspired by my past training days, which I always wanted to have something like this to aid my training. Hope that it will help a lot of you who are grinding the problemset and is obsessed with the problem solved count (like me) soon reach a new level. It is my first-year project so bugs are unavoidable. If you have any trouble with it please post an issue at the GitHub I linked on the page or just comment down in the blog.

Special thanks to Lyde, rainn511, Lucario387 and many more for testing and giving helpful ideas so that I can complete my website.

Have fun training blobheart.

Edit: Thank you very much for kind words blobheart. If you want to contribute to the site, feel free to reach out to me blobheart.

Edit 2: Much thanks to emorgan5289 for pointing out a vulnerability in the registration process. I had it patched for now.

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