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Hello, Codeforces!

Members of team EZEC are glad to invite you to participate in Pinely Round 1 (Div. 1 + Div. 2), which will start on Nov/20/2022 17:35 (Moscow time). You will be given 7 problems, one of which has a subtask, and 2 hours and 30 minutes to solve them. The round will be rated for everyone. It is greatly recommended to read all the problems.

There is at least one interactive problem, so please see the guide of interactive problems if you are unfamiliar with it.

We would also like to thank:

Fun facts:

  • Anton reviewed 18 problems in total.
  • This is the 13th round of EZEC. Here are some previous rounds: Round 11 on Luogu, Round 12 on nowcoder.
  • The team has an anime character EZEC-chan (the girl in the image), hope you like it :3
  • orzdevinwang found a better solution of F the day before the contest.

This round is made possible with the support of Pinely!

Pinely is a privately owned & funded algorithmic trading firm, our main focus is set on high frequency and ultra low latency trading.

We are a team of mathematicians, programmers, engineers and computer scientists driven by the immense passion for knowledge. We constantly face various challenges such as developing strategies for trading, optimizing trading systems to achieve the lowest latency reactions to various market events, saving and processing large volumes of historical data. The work we do requires a high ability to create effective C++ code, algorithmic thinking and mathematical intuition, which attracts winners, awardees and medalists of various competitions in the respective fields such as ICPC, IMC, HITB PRO CTF and Google HashCode etc.

Find out more about us on our website pinely.com or from our employees registered here on CF.

If you want to join our team please send your CV to [email protected] or fill in the form


Top 30 contestants and 10 random contestants placed 31-100 will receive a branded Pinely hoodie :)

The statements were made as briefly and clearly as we could. GLHF!

Scoring distribution: 500 — 1000 — 1250 — 1750 — 1750 — (2500+2000) — 3500

UPD1: Editorial is out. link.

UPD2: Congratulations to the winners:

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