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Hello, codeforces!

Pinely is a high-frequency trading company. We trade at the exchanges all over the world. This year we are the sponsors of the online PTZ competitive programming camp. We have prepared a fun contest for camp participants and invite everybody to join it on CodeForces!

Pinely Treasure Hunt Contest will be held on Saturday, Feb/05/2022 13:00 (Moscow time).

The participants will be offered to solve an interactive optimization problem with open tests and will have 3.5 hours to work on it. You can join individually or in teams of up to 3 people. The contest will be unrated. Winners among camp participants as well as the 3 best teams in overall standings will be awarded with pinely t-shirts.

Since the contest is targeted for participants of the PTZ training camp, it'll be most interesting for participants with codeforces rating 2000+.

We are grateful to MikeMirzayanov for the opportunity to host the contest on codeforces.

A couple of words about pinely: we conduct algorithmic trading on various exchanges. Our offices are located in Amsterdam, Singapore and Cyprus. Our colleagues face various challenges, such as: coming up with trading strategies and implementing them, optimizing trading systems to achieve the fastest reaction to the market events, storage and processing of high volumes of historical data. Ability to write effective C++ code, algorithmic thinking and mathematical intuition are all useful in our day-to-day work, so a significant part of our team participates in various programming and math competitions.

To learn more about pinely you can visit or you can find our colleagues on CF in pinely organization. You can send us your CV to [email protected], even if you are not participating in the contest.

Good luck and have fun!

UPD Congratulations to the winners!

Winners of the joint contest:

  1. itmo.algo.teaching: tourist, pashka, budalnik

  2. SPb NRU ITMO 3: VArtem, antonkov, qwerty787788

  3. xyr and his friends: wygzgyw, frame233, wasa855

Winners among the participant of PTZ training camp:

  1. Never Give Up: Valera_Grinenko, ivanz, 353cerega

  2. Saratov SU Daegons: awoo, Neon, vovuh

  3. A-SOUL_Unofficial: youbot, pigstd, dXqwq

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