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Hola Coders!!

We at Manan – A Techno Surge always climb the ladder to organize events that excite and challenge our participants. For the next step, on the occasion of the Foundation Day of J.C. Bose University of Science and Technology, YMCA, we present CodeStacks – a three-day long competition designed by us to test the analytical skills of the students and prepare them for pressure situations with time crunch.

Day 1 – September 14 We will be having an open for all mathematical aptitude test with 60 questions in 90 minutes.

Day 2 – September 15 The top 100 from the first day will advance forward to battle in a 2-hour competitive coding event.

Day 3 – September 16 The Final 8 from Day 2 will participate in a live multilevel 1v1 coding competition.

For all the grind of these levels, we have cash prizes for the winners of the competition.

Position 1 — ₹ 1500 Position 2 — ₹ 1000 Position 3 — ₹ 500

To receive all the updates, register on the given link and join the whatsapp or telegram groups for the same.

Registration Link – Whatsapp Group Link – Telegram Group Link —

For any queries, don’t hesitate to contact: Ridham — +91 9911473900 Sahil — +91 7015266612 Abhishek — +91 8454072353

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