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Hello Codeforces community,

I would like to invite you all to Coders’ Legacy 2020, the contest held annually by KeyGEnCoders, the programming club and CodeChef Campus Chapter of Kalyani Government Engineering College. This contest will be rated for both divisions .

The contest starts on 15th July at 21:00 IST . You will have 3 hours to solve 7 problems. The ranklist will be ICPC style with the penalty set to 20 minutes.

The problems have been prepared and tested by me, avijit_agarwal, its_aks_ulure, souradeep.99 and indrajit1. I would also like to thank l_returns, jtnydv25, nagpaljatin1411 and taran_1407 for providing valuable feedbacks and helping us set up the contest.

There are laddus for top performers as well. Please check the contest page for more details.

Good luck. :)

UPDATE 1: Contest starts in 30 minutes. All the best.
UPDATE 2: Contest starts in 2 minutes. All the best. UPDATE 3: Contest has ended. Thanks for participating.

The problems have been moved to practice session. The editorials can be found at

Congratuations to the winners:
1. uwi
2. html_sanek
3. solaimanope
4. sam__2
5. progmatic

There were certain issues during the contest. We sincerely apologise for that.

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Quite often, as a competitive programmer, I feel irritated when an easy problem yields WA because of a teeny-tiny bug like a typo or a missing initialisation. It often costs a lot of precious time and several penalties.

For this problem, I've designed a small, simple, easy-to-use GUI application in Java which takes two source codes and tests them against a common input. The respective outputs obtained are then compared line by line for a mismatch. One can compare the 'buggy' code with a brute force solution to obtain a test case in which the faulty solution fails.

Link :
Pre-requisites : Java8 or later must be preinstalled.
Currently supported languages : C++, Java, Python2, Python3

Other details are provided in the '' file of the above git repo.

If you find any bug, please report it at [email protected]

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