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By stud_IO, history, 2 years ago, In English

The set includes tasks from several Urals competitions of the last few years. Some of them are not in the original version. Problems will be available both in English and in Russian.

For more details about contest schedule see

For more details about contest rules see

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By stud_IO, history, 3 years ago, In English

Some of my familiar ones always suggest to solve UVa problems in order to gain implementation skill. They've said no matter how many problems I solve on Codeforces, at the end implementation skill matters and there is no better OJ than UVa for this purpose. Also, they've said that when I will try to solve harder problems on Codeforces (D,E,F..) this UVa problem solving practice will be helpful.

I wanna know how logical their suggestion is and should I follow their advice ?

Reasons why I don't like UVa:

  • Unclear constraints at many cases.
  • Lack of proper editorial.
  • Much less interesting problem set compared to Codeforces or LightOJ or AtCoder. [from my point of view]

Also some of my other familiar ones have told me to avoid UVa for these reasons. They do not solve on UVa. Yet they are very high rated coders on CF and other contest platforms.

I wanna hear from you guys regarding this matter. Those who've solved or not solved problems on UVa please clarify your point of views.

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