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11/7/2020 Update: Now open sourced at

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Recently, a group of experienced USACO contestants (led by the legendary Benq) have put together a "USACO Guide" that's designed to take you from any division to Platinum and beyond. It can be accessed here: Though it's structured around USACO, it can still be used by non-USACO contestants!

The guide provides a curated list of tutorial resources you can use to learn a particular topic, as well as a lot of practice problems for you to practice your implementation & application skills. It also comes with progress-tracking tools to help you stay motivated :)

This guide is still in the pre-release stage: a large number of modules, particularly the more advanced ones, are still incomplete. We are looking for feedback & contributors to help finalize the guide! We would very much appreciate the following:

  • If you have any suggestions, bug reports, or thoughts, please leave a comment for discussion!
  • If the wording of a module/module description can be improved, please leave a comment and we'll update it.

The following people have contributed significantly to the USACO Guide:

Note: This guide is not affiliated with the official USA Computing Olympiad organization.

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