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I just love coding and passionate about it. I certainly believe other members of this community feel the same way. But I believe a coder pace and problem-solving skills improve if he/she has other coding friends who can discuss problem and share ideas and thus grow at much faster pace than if each of them is doing it all by himself/herself. Having a coding friend doesn't only help to rectify mistakes quicker and learn from it but it also broadens the way of thinking and approaching a problem. Moreover, it's also fun to engage with people similar passion and keep a healthy competition among themselves. Waiting for someone (with similar rating as mine) to join forces and let's achieve higher ratings together..!!

UPD1: I'm really happy to see lot of people sharing the same interest!!! Sorry if I couldn't reply in codeforces messages since codeforces has very LOW limit on messages one can send in a day..:( Thus, please ping me with either gmailId or WhatsApp number and I will reach out to you.

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